Press Pause

Ever been offended when your friend or spouse didn't wait for you to watch the latest episode? Sometimes I wonder if God ever feels the same.

I'm afraid we too often rush to occupy our mind and souls with all kinds of things like work, chores, social media, the latest Netflix series or addicting game. We might be doing so at the expense of being present with the Lord.

How often do you press pause on the activities throughout your day and sit with God?
Just sit with Him?

What if you learned the discipline of briefly setting aside your responsibilities and mindless distractions in order to quiet your soul and wait on the Lord?

If you aren't doing this, you should. It's biblical.

"I wait for the Lord, my soul waits,
and in His word I hope;
my souls waits for the Lord
more than watchmen for the morning,
more than watchmen for the morning."

Psalm 130:5-6

When we learn to hit pause, God usually shows up.

Joe Handy

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Rich Scott - April 27th, 2021 at 8:31am

Yes!! I think we are all taught that illegal drugs and alcohol have the ability to wreak havoc in your life, as they are often used to numb the realities of life. In that same vain though, I think Netflix shows and social media have become the modern day numbing agents to occupy our minds.

I have absolutely been guilty of binge watching shows, but as I grow in my relationship with Jesus I do find that I feel much more fulfilled when I purposely “hit pause”. God always tends to show up for me after moments of intentional pause, instead of moments of distraction.